Soul satisfaction with every bite...

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Every cookie, cake, pastry & bread is handmade in small batches by me, Jen Michaud...owner, founder & baker of COOKIE CONSCIOUS baking co.


The hands are vessels of intention, thus I find it vital to touch, mold and care for each creation...sending along blessing & inspiration with every morsel. Food infused with such loving care truly nourishes, creating a transformative culinary experience.


Crafted by hand with organic whole foods, drawing from earth's bounty of grains, nuts & seeds, fruits & berries, spices, coconuts, pure maple & birch bark syrups, vegetables & mushrooms.  


Always fully vegan & FREE from GMOs, dairy, wheat, cane sugar, colorings, chemicals, preservatives, fillers or anything artificial. COOKIE CONSCIOUS strives to impart soul satisfaction with every bite.

All of us enjoy a treat now and again, but dessert need not be overtly sweet or in enormous portions to satisfy. When we rely less on sugar, the palette opens to myriad complex and often subtle flavors...silky dark chocolate, nutty bittersweetness, hints of sea salt, creamed coconut on the tongue...and we discover a full spectrum of tastes.


To create superbly delicious bakery foods, I ceaselessly seek the cream of the seasonal crop in Oregon, home of COOKIE CONSCIOUS. For ingredients not grown in Oregon, I rely on local artisans, producers & distributors for premium organic, GMO-free & fair trade products.


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4222 Commerce Street, Suite D, Eugene, OR • Bakery Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10 am-4 pm & Saturday, 10 am-2 pm