Soul satisfaction with every bite...

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Every cookie, cake, pastry & bread is crafted by hand in small batches by Jen Michaud...owner, founder & baker of Cookie Conscious Bakery. The hands are vessels of intention, thus I believe it is vital to touch, mold and care for each creation...sending along a blessing & inspiration with every morsel. Food infused with such loving care truly nourishes, creating a transformative culinary experience.


Cookie Conscious Bakery strives to impart soul satisfaction with every bite...inspired by old-world craft and drawing from mother earth's bounty of plant foods to create nourishing sweet and savory delights. Always fully vegan & organic and FREE from wheat, cane sugar, colorings, chemicals, preservatives, fillers or anything artificial.

Creating delicious bakery foods begins with superb raw ingredients, and for our ingredients we rely on the cream of the seasonal crop in Oregon, home of Cookie Conscious Bakery. For those ingredients not grown in Oregon, we are grateful for local artisans, producers & distributors who offer premium organic & fair- trade products.


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